Multi-Stakeholder initiatives: Cooperating to achieve responsible and inclusive business


Executive Summary

The aim of this MSI is to encourage current and future soybean to be produced in a responsible manner to reduce social and environmental impacts while maintaining or improving the economic status for the producer.

This is achieved through:

  • The commitment of all stakeholders involved in the value chain of soybean
  • The development, implementation and verification of a global standard

The objectives of the MSI are to:

  • Facilitate a global dialogue on soy that is economically viable, socially equitable and environmentally sound
  • Reach consensus among key stakeholders and players linked to the soy industry
  • Act as a Forum to develop and promote a standard of sustainability for the production, processing, trading and use of soy
  • Act as an internationally recognised  forum for the monitoring of global soy production in terms of sustainability
  • Mobilise diverse sectors interested in participating in the MSI process.


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