How do they do it?

How Do They Do It

How do they do it?

Executive Summary

The idea behind this report is simple. When CI practitioners get together, we like nothing more than trading strategies. Informal meetings end up being a cross between a think tank brainstorm workshop and a self-help group – the questions that always come up are: How do you do that? Who did you talk to for that to happen? How did you get to replicate this project somewhere else? How do you drive employee engagement?....

This report goes a big step further from those conversations that we all have, to formalising the output and documenting it – it’s a great document for taking a high level look at how we as CI professionals get things done.

From budgets, KPIs and Foundations, to collaborating within the organisations, rolling out strategy, choosing partners, building a champion network and measuring impact, this report gives case studies and solutions to many of the challenges that CI practitioners face in their day to day efforts.

While this document makes a strong start at setting the scene and gives good examples of how people are ‘getting it done’, the intention behind producing this is that even more value will come from future opportunities to dive much deeper into the ‘how-to’s’ of the areas this report covers.

I’m looking forward to seeing this series of reports come to life, and hope it will serve as a valuable toolkit for people who are charged with setting up or expanding CI teams and operations in Asia, be they CI professionals or other corporate leadership located in this region or further afield.


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